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Pinger Man

Monitor your website every 10 seconds, get downtime notifications, create public status pages and more.

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Send alerts via email, SMS, Slack & Twitter. Choose whether to receive alerts for downtime, recovery or both.

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Use maintenance windows to pause uptime tracking during scheduled downtime.

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Create public status pages to share the real time status of your services with your users.

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Tool Slick

200+ productivity tools ranging from Subtitle Converters, Document Formatters, Mathematical Calculators, Health Tools and more.

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Any many more powerful tools

TXT to SRT Converter
HTML to JSON Converter
GUID Generator
XOR Calculator
JSON Formatter
Text Sorter
MP3 to WAV Converter
Subtitle Translator
K-Means Calculator
DOCX to SRT Converter

The productivity tools used by professionals

40,000+ users trust Tool Slick to drive performance & engagement


What people say

Few valuables words from our customers

Thank you for this tool! It is very helpful. I paid for a transcription service and they did not provide the correct output for the file! You are a game-changer!!! Thanks a million!

Tony Fiorella

Content Creator

This is the only online tool that was able to convert my file, which i already converted to UTC-8, it directly recognized it and converted quick and effortlessly, which was not possible with other domains, even after conversion to UTC-8, so huge thanks Tool slick.

John Goodwin

Senior Project Manager

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